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Viscose (or rayon) fabric is made from renewable plants and is a great lightweight material that drapes well and has a lustrous finish, making pieces appear more luxurious. This versatile fabric is breathable and absorbent and great for hot weather! 
People also like to use viscose as an alternative to cotton because it shares almost all the qualities as features of cotton. Viscose is neither natural nor synthetic fabric. It is made from wood pulp that is natural and goes through a chemical process.
When washed in hot water, viscose can shrink so use COLD WATER ONLY.
It also gets wrinkled easily so hang it up or lay it flat as soon as you have washed it !


  • To care for your viscose garment, we recommend a cold hand or delicate machine wash with like colours.
  • Use neutral type detergents only- bye bye bleach
  • Never allow the detergent to touch the garment as some detergents have bleach in them 
  • Dry your garment on a hanger or flat in the shade, never in direct sunlight
  • Once dry or slightly damp, you can iron your garment if needed, lightly spritzing with water, if dry, to relax the fibres and make it easier to remove creases
  • Store it hung or folded in a cool, dry place
Viscose should always be washed separately from other fabrics and colours.
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