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Outlined by Caroline Lawrence, owner of Design Emporium.

The inspiration behind Design Emporium

After 2020, I wanted to have a business that could operate from anywhere. With an idea from a friend and quite a bit of brainstorming help from my business and marketing friends, I was able to launch Design Emporium at the end of 2022. That was definitely a 'champagne' moment.

I am going through Menopause and have been for 10 years now! Wearing quality garments made from natural fibres has been a life-saver and I also realised that to pay a bit more for slow-fashion has been fantastic!

What makes Design Emporium unique?

Design Emporium offers hand-picked sustainable, quality designer items and timeless pieces.

Right now, that’s c.l Linen, c.l Basics, c.l Knitwear and we will be introducing c.l Fashion which is a brand for our limited styles.

Moving forward we’ll be working with small businesses that offer unique items and we’ll be creating our own. There’s a collaboration or two on the cards and we’re always on the lookout for exclusive new products.

Design Emporium’s philosophy

Design Emporium will only offer products and clothing that are made-to-last and won't date! According to The Ellen MacArthur Foundation - a new textiles economy (2017) if we wear our clothing twice as long our environmental impact will be 44% lower.

What’s next for Design Emporium?

Design Emporium will be a place that people keep coming back to - whether that's online or in the future a retail store.

We’re always thinking about what it offers from a customer perspective so our social posts will be fun, inspirational and interesting, and our design pieces will be cool, classic and covetable.

It’s not just about selling products, I really want people to enjoy visiting Design Emporium.

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