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Wondering what Ecovero fabric is? Well let me answer that for you. 

Ecovero is one of the most sustainable man made fabrics out there. The production process is designed to be environmentally friendly, helping cut water and carbon emissions whilst not releasing any waste into the environment. This makes it much better than many alternative fabrics like cotton, polyester or traditional viscose. 



Ecovero is a brand name for a sustainably made viscose fabric manufactured by Austrian company Lenzing AG. 

Viscose, which is also known as rayon, is a type of fabric made from wood pulp. Most viscose production is harmful for the environment, which we have written about here

Lenzing AG have managed to make a sustainable viscose that reduces CO2 emissions and cuts water consumption. 

Ecovero is commonly used in the production of clothing and homeware, such as T-shirts, dresses, and skirts, along with home textiles like curtains and bedding.  

It feels soft on your skin, and smooth to touch. It is breathable and able to moisture wick, perfect for leisure wear, intimate items or clothes for a hot summer day. 

The next question you might be asking, is Ecovero sustainable?  



Simply put, yes. Ecovero is one of the most sustainable viscose fabrics. Here are the top 5 reasons why Ecovero is so sustainable and good for the environment:

  1. Made from sustainably sourced wood pulp. Over 99% of wood used in Ecovero fabric is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) or Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC).  
  2. Ecovero uses less water vs. cotton or regular viscose. To make a 150g T-shirt, Ecovero uses 12 litres less water than generic viscose and 210L less water than cotton.
  3. Ecovero produces less CO2. Compared to regular viscose, Ecovero produces 50% less CO2 as confirmed by Higgs MSI. This means cleaner air for you and me. 
  4. Ecovero guarantees a transparent supply chain. Ecovero’s fibre identification system means you can trace fibres from source to end garment. 
  5. Ecovero is biodegradable. As it’s made from natural cellulose fibres, Ecovero can decompose. Less fabric waste in landfills. 

This makes Ecovero good for the planet and has earned the manufacturer Lenzing the EU Ecolabel certification, an award to products with high environmental standards. 

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